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Kyoto Japan


After first visiting % Arabica in Hong Kong, I was stoked with the opportunity to check them out in Kyoto..

Having 2 Slayer espresso machines and a Tornado roaster they pump out some pretty amazing coffee! Super impressed with what these % Arabica do.



Tim is coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.

Listen up. I’m here at the % Arabica in Kyoto, Japan. This cafe rocks.

They have the Slayer machine as they’re the official distributors for Slayer machines in Japan. For all good reasons, they’re the Rolls Royce of espresso machines.

I was about to have a drip coffee, but they told me to have an espresso instead. I’m glad for this because there’s a Slayer machine here.

Anyway, I had a Honduras-Guatemala type beam variety. Like I tell you, it was unbelievable. The extraction they produced was on the mark. If you check out Instagram, you’ll see a video I took of the process.

I can’t rave enough about how good the espresso was. There are only a couple of times I’ve had a good espresso in my life. One was from the Spirit machine made in Holland. It was in a place in Chiang Mai. They had bean varieties from Melbourne. The best coffee I tried was in Hong Kong, in August last year. That cafe has branches around the world

The guy who owns this cafe is a successful businessman., so he has invested a lot of money in coffee. He’s got investments here in Kyoto, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates. He also has a Kona farm in Hawaii. He distributes Slayers and has cafes around the world.

The baristas here are fantastic at what they do. And that’s another extraordinary thing. They’ve got a tornado roasting machine that can roast beans within 15 or 20 minutes. iT prepares up to 100 grams of beans. They computerize everything and are accurate every time.

If you’re a purist, you might like their style. But I am on the fringe and prefer things hand done. It highlights craftsmanship and gives the taste of proper, hand-roasted coffee. But hey, I like the best of both worlds.

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