About Life Coffee Brewers

Shibuya Tokyo Japan

This was the first Cafe I ever visited in Tokyo Japan. It was a great experience straight off out of the gate to visit one of the most well known cafe in Shibuya. When you are in Tokyo next, do check out About Life Coffee Brewers! Its a great Hole-in-the-Wall style cafe and popular amongst the locals not forgetting to mention their global popularity.


Hi, guys, this is Tim, coming to you from Coffee Geek TV. Here I am at About Life Coffee Brewers in Tokyo, in the Shibuya area. These guys process drip coffee. I just got myself an Ethiopian variety. I can’t remember the name because it’s in Japanese, but it has sweet grape flavors and precise acidity.

It’s interesting sitting outside and not inside; I’m glad for good weather. My first impression of baristas in Tokyo is that they do everything with passion and finesse. This espresso is my first so far. I’m interested to see what the others are like as well.

So this is Tim coming to you from Tokyo. For those who like these videos, I have more stuff to come later. I will explain everything about brewing coffee, from a basic to an advanced level. Get in touch with me. Hit the read more button below and contact me via social media. We can connect over many amazing things.


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