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Today’s Coffee Geek featured is with P’Bang from 186 Cafe&Bar.

It was our first Facebook Live broadcast where we had the opportunity to have Stumptown Coffee with the Aeropress.

Was a great brew.. Special thanks to P’Bang for treating us for the day.



Tim here, coming to you again with another episode of Coffee Geek TV. We’re coming to you live from the 186 Cafe and Bar. Here’s my good friend, Bang, and we’ve got something special for you today.

We’re introducing AeroPress coffee. I’m excited about this because we’ve never showcased Aeropress Coffee in these videos.

We’re using a coffee brand known as Stumptown Coffee Roasters from the U.S. I think it’s from Portland, What are your thoughts on this coffee?


Bang: I love the taste. It’s a Direct Trade which goes from the farm straight to the roaster

Tim: They’ve roasted it for pour overs and Aeropress coffee, right? Let’s get straight into it.
What do you usually do when you’re making pour over coffee? What’s your favorite style of coffee?

Bang: I usually do pour overs. But after I attended the Bangkok Aeropress Championships, I developed a taste for Aeropress coffee.

Tim: It was the first Aeropress Championship, right? I remember seeing the pictures.

Bang: Yes.

Tim: So what are you doing with the coffee now? You’ve just weighed it? How much does it weigh?

Bang: About 20g

Tim: 20g. So you’re going to put 20g of coffee in the grinder? So we’re going old school, hand ground, which is exciting.

Adam, Matt, and Chang! HI! Happy to see you guys.

That was quick. Gee, you’re strong!

I want to tell you a bit about Bang’s cafe. You’ll find it about 15 minutes north of the old city of Chiang Mai. It’s 13 km away, right across from the University, It’s in a fantastic location that will entice school kids to come over, have coffee and study.

I want to do a pan view of this cafe. You can see how beautiful this space is. Bang’s had it for about a year, and it’s an architectural marvel, and beautifully laid out. There’s a beautiful mezzanine floor. It’s going to be a little go to place to do some work.

We’re not doing the inverted, but usual Aeropress. You just put the coffee grinder over the top. You put a nice paper filter at the bottom. You may use a metal filter. You may get a bit of dust at the bottom of your cup.

We’re just trying to get the water temperature right. What water temperature are you using at the moment?

Bang: The manual recommends 80 degrees Celsius

Tim: 80. That’s fantastic. That’s interesting because I was in Japan, where I went to a fancy cafe bar. The barista was brewing coffee between 78 and 82 degrees. The amazing thing is that it’s more full-bodied. The standard is usually 88 to 92 degrees. But I guess that’s what coffee’s about, experimenting and finding out how to get the best flavor. Let’s take a look.

Bang: It’s still boiling.

Tim: You’ve got to be a bit patient. We’ll wait for that temperature to drop.

Tim: While waiting for the temperature to drop, let’s take a look at this. Is it a little Kennex?

Bang: It’s actually for cold brewed matcha tea.
(Puts one jar facing the other)

Tim: I love coffee, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like tea. After I’ve had a few coffees, I’ll need lunch by 5 p.m. to flush it out of my system.
(looking at coffee0 It’s about 90 degrees now, we’re trying to get it down to 80. Did you do anything to the water? Do you use a particular type of water or do you just use regular water?

Bang: I try to experiment. I learned that mineral water improves the taste of the coffee.

Tim: Really? Just pure water?

Bang: Do you remember the AHma Coffee Farm that we visited? They use water from the mountain.

Tim: Spring water is the best, right? It’s got the right PH level and the good mineral content.

Tim: I told Bang this morning that I usually do a V60 -type coffee in the morning. I experimented with mineral water and noticed a difference with the way the water boils.

So the ground is at the bottom, so we’ll just fill it up. I’m not sure about Bang’s style of doing the Aeropress. Everyone’s got a different style. Some people get it right in there and get the grounds wet, while others get it right in there and stir. There’s no right or wrong way to make coffee.

Bang: Andy, my friend, tends a coffee bar over in Chiang Mai called Sammi. But they just moved to Lambeth. They used to be an Aeropress bar.

Tim: I remember! I was supposed to do a coffee geek episode there. I’ll have to check them out.

Tim:: Interesting aromas. There’s a black tea smell coming from there.

Bang: (showing the tea bag) Black tea

Tim: Look at that! Winner. But there’s also a subtle sweetness coming from that, right?

Tim: So what have we got here? Cranberry, Palm and Black Tea. The cranberry will add to the flavor, as opposed to the aroma. He’s giving it a pour between them just to get the smell moving through it. Would you like to try it with me?

Tim: As they say in Thailand, Chung Gae Ong.

Black tea.

Bang: For Mr. Cameraman.

Time: Mr. Cameraman, give it a try. It’s a bit zesty around the edges. It’s a full=bodied brew. I sense that it’s purely black tea driven. I don’t get much of the cranberry. But there’s a sour taste, which is what probably comes from it.

It’s quite a tasty coffee.

Bang: I’ve never actually tasted cranberries.

So here from Tim, Bang and Camera-man Grant coming to you with another episode of Coffee Geek TV.


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